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on tue,28 Noiv 2000 Emilio Ghezzi wrote
I am lookimng for a devotional Sanskritr text ( with English translation)
similar to Jayadeva"s Gitagovinda:in other words, a text in which the love
for God is expressed in a strong erotic language and according to the kavya

I may refer to the "RAdhA-panca-SatI"(Sanskrit Kavyam) by Rasik Vihari Joshi
(l993).In this Kavya intense devotional and strong erotic love is expressed
for RAdhA and KRSNa in 511 elegant sanskrit poems :poetic imagery,musical
resonance of various metres and figures of speech amidst predominating
apraakRta KAma and Bharti Rasa are its forte. It is writtem is classical
ornate style.It was given "Sahitya Academy Award" (1996)for the best
Sanskrit contribution .Sahitya Academy was to bring out it"s translation in
23 languages, including English.I do not know if the edition with English
translation is out.You may contact Secretary,Sahitya Academy, Rabindra
Bhawan, Barakhamba Road,New Delhi,India.
Perhaps it may be of some help
Rasik Vihari Joshi
Professor of Sanskrit
El Colegio de Mexico,Mexico

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Dearest Colleagues, I am looking for a devotional Sanskrit text (with
English translation) similar to Jayadeva's Gitagovinda: in other words, a
text in which the love for God is expressed in a strong erotic language, and
according to kavya-style.
Furthermore, I have a great difficulty to find this text: Somaprabhacarya's
Srngaravairagyatarangini ("the wave of the rasa of love and of the
Someone can help me?
Many Thanks, Yours faithfully
Daniela Rossella

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