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Swaminathan Madhuresan [SMTP:smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM] skrev 1. desember 2000
> There was a PBS program. I think the British narrator Michael Wood
> producer of Legacy produced this. On Arians and Nazi Germany.
> There was a mention about a top Indologist speaking before Hitler,
> Himmler and other elite leaders of 1930-40s Germany proclaiming that
> Hitler's book and the teachings of the Buddha are very similar
> or same...

This can only have been Walter Wuest, an Indological scholar with a SS
connection. He was a compentent scholar (which means that you may have to
read his work on some subjects), but with a bad reputation for his
politics. I believe Sheldon Pollock has written about Wuest in a paper
called "Deep orientalism..." (I am afraid I don't have the whole title
available, and being far away from my library, I can only hope others will
fill in the missing data.)

I don't recall Wuest lecturing for Hitler, but he apparently lectured for
the SS on the Buddha if I remember Pollock correctly.


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