Original language of Yoga Suutra

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On Dumezil, see also the ref. given by Hiltebeitel


On Dumezil, the following article is worth reading:

Lincoln, Bruce. 1998. Rewriting the German War God: Georges Dumezil,
Politics and Scholarship in the Late 1930s. History of Religions 37, no. 3:

Luis Gonzalez-Reimann
University of California, Berkeley

At 05:13 AM 11/30/2000 -0800, you wrote:
 > N. J. Allen himself writes in Hinduism as Indo-European,
 > (p. 21, Aryan and Non-Aryan in South Asia, 1999)
 > " However , Indology's general hostility to or neglect of Dumezil
 > cannot be wholly explained by external factors. Explicit attacks
 > on the content of his arguments have a long tradition (for a recent
 > instance see Schlerath 1995-6) ..."
 > B. Schlerath, 1995-6: Georges Dumezil und die Reconstruktion der
 > indo-germanischen Kultur, Kratylos 40:1-48, 41:1-67
 > Is there any critique on Allen's IE origins of yoga?
 > Regards,
 > SM

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