History of Mughalstan

Jon Skarpeid Jon.Skarpeid at HINT.NO
Thu Aug 31 17:56:02 UTC 2000

Abbas wrote:
>- Jews and Brahmins: The only all-European community are the Jews who form
>5-10% of the population; the only all-Indian community are the Brahmins
>who likewise form 5-10% of the population.

The Jews do not form 5-10% of the population of Europe. Even before the
Holocaust, the Jews hardly made up for such a high percentage.

>Both also attempted to increase
>their IQ by discarding their own low-IQ members into the mainstream, and
>marrying high-IQ persons outside their community. Neither are warrior
>communities; they monopolised intellectual fields.

Jews have never monopolised intellectual fields in Europe, they have in
fact contributed substantial. F.Mendelsohn, S.Freud, A.Einstein and
J.Derrida are wellknown representatives for the latter, not the former.

Jon Skarpeid

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