History of Mughalstan

Anand M. Sharan asharan at ENGR.MUN.CA
Thu Aug 31 16:28:36 UTC 2000

Dr. Abbas mentions Ashoka's name who was a Bihari ( Magadh Empire ) who
killed 150, 000 Oriyas in the Battle of Kalinga . I think, there is only
half truth here, is it not ? He converted to buddhism right in the battle
after seeing so much of bloodshed . He then, launched massive peace
missions across the known world at that time , which is unprecedented in
history . He cared not only for humans but also for the animals . Where
else can he quote another emperor matching the deeds of Ashoka ?

By the way, Ashoka's empire which he inherited from his grand father
Chandragupta , who got it from the Nandas, extended into Afghanistan to
Karnataka in the south, much bigger than present India . Whose empire in
those days lasted for that long ? One has to consider the time ( kala )
when one looks at the size of the empire . Did Alaxander's empire last any
where near  Ashoka's , in terms of time ?

So , where does this discussion lead to ?


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