[Re: Inputting Sanskrit Dictionary(Bon-wa Daijiten)]

Mon Aug 28 18:13:06 UTC 2000

Jaekwan Shim wrote:

>  To say exactly, What I have done was based on the Bon-wa Daijiten
> to collect words, and is not the same with that.....

My guess is that if you have compiled a list of Sanskrit/Chinese
correspondences in the manner you describe, you have less of a problem
with copyright if at all.  The parts that would be copyright are the
Japanese definitions which you say you have omitted.

Another very useful source of Chinese/Sanskrit for Buddhist terms is
Hirakawa's Index to the Abhidharma-ko`sa-bhaa.sya (Part Two).

Have you also seen the CJK Online Dictionary of Buddhist terms that
Charles Mueller et al are compiling.  They have also input a number of
dictionary indices and other resources so it might be good if you
contacted Charles Mueller at

Hope this helps -- pls keep up the good work !

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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