Announcement of Tibetan Language Kit for Mac

HYODO, Kazuo hyodo at OTANI.AC.JP
Sun Aug 27 12:31:54 UTC 2000

Dear members of the list,

An upgraded version of the Tibetan Language Kit for Macintosh (TLK) is now
being distributed by Otani University Shin Buddhist Comprehensive Research
Institute, Kyoto, Japan.  The TLK is a "plug-in" for your Macintosh computer
running on MacOS versions 7.6 or later.  It provides the fonts, keyboard
layouts, and script information needed to enter and display and print Tibetan
text.  With the TLK, you can enter Tibetan text in word processors, databases,
and other Macintosh software that handles multi-script text.

The TLK is distributed as a free ware.  More information can be gained at the
TLK site.

The TLK can be downloaded at the same site.

Thank you.

Kazuo Hyodo
Otani University
Kyoto, Japan

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