Democracy in old India

nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 24 06:14:31 UTC 2000

P Chandrasekaran writes :

>Reminds me of a very famous Tamil aphorism:
>"eGkappan2 kutirukkuL illai!"
>["My dad is not [hiding] in the barn!" - uttered by the bankrupt son of a
>bankrupt person avoiding creditors]

Actually this reminds me of an incident in the political scene in TamilNadu
a few months back when Karunanidhi was criticized as being supportive of the
RSS. The CM inturn said that there was nothing wrong with the RSS and it was
only a social organization like the DK! Cho Ramaswamy was quick to note in
irony in a cartoon on the front cover of the magazine Thuglak, where
Veeramani (the head honcho of DK) is shown criticizing Karunanidhi for the
equation saying : "Why, did they (the RSS) throw slippers at the idols of
Gods? Did they beat up poor brahmin priests? Did they demand secession from
the Indian union? Did they destroy public property in the name of anti-Hindi
agitation? ... ".

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