Democracy in old India

Periannan Chandrasekaran perichandra at YAHOO.COM
Wed Aug 23 06:47:14 UTC 2000

--- nanda chandran <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> S Palaniappan writes :
> >The universalist ideals of Tamil society were not based on such an
> >unrealistic  view of life. They were grounded in a very pragmatic attitude.
> >(see puRam 189).

> All this is only a criticism of "arguments motivated by linguistic and
> racial chauvinism" and should not be interpreted as hatred of Tamil or the
> Tamil people.

Eminently avoidable comment.
Reminds me of a very famous Tamil aphorism:
"eGkappan2 kutirukkuL illai!"
["My dad is not [hiding] in the barn!" - uttered by the bankrupt son of a
bankrupt person avoiding creditors]

P. Chandrasekaran.

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