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>Sorry Vidya. You are wrong. Ekoji II @ Bhava Saheb died in the year 1736AD.
>His father Thukkoji also died in the same year.Then one sujan Bhai ascended
>to the Tanjore throne.She was succeded by King Prathapa simha in 1739 AD
>(Saka 1661). This information is confirmed by the Bhonsle vamsa Charithram

Sujan Bai, Ekoji's wife, was Shahuji's mother. She was appointed regent till
he attained majority. Technically, Shahuji was king until the year 1749,
when Pratapasimha, another son of Ekoji, ousted him. Pratapasimha was much
older than Shahuji, and could have directly become king in 1736 itself,
without the intervening regency of the queen. The only problem - he was an
illegitimate son of Ekoji, or at least, he was originally debarred from the
succession. The Bhonsale Vamsa Charitram glosses over these events, as it
was written during the rule of Serfoji (?), a descendant of Pratapasimha.

See R. Sewell's "A Sketch of the Dynasties of Southern India" for details. I
remember having read about this conflict in succession elsewhere too, but
can't place the exact source right now. Some book on Maratha history, which
gave a little information on the Tanjavur branch of the family.


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