Early Indian attitudes to Western Indology

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Tradition records teaching of vedas, sanskrit, tamil to the
whites with hesitation, opposition, etc., A Dravidian example,
and for the Telugu original, consult V. Narayanarao and
D. Shulman, A poem at the right moment: remembered verses
from premodern south India, p. 47

   " New Age

    They now read proofs at printing shops
    just to stay alive,
    or teach Telugu to the white Huns,
    expound religion in the houses
    of those grocers who give them credit.
    Phenomenal scholars have been humbled.
    Times have changed."

Did Maxmueller print the Veda from oral recitations first?

V. Iyer

In the last few centuries what were the Indian attitudes to passing
on to the western colonizers the traditional knowledge of:

1)The Sanskrit language and literature in general.

2)The Vedas.  When western editions of the Vedas were being prepared
in the last century was this done only from manuscripts or were the
Brahmin priests willing to recite them to foreigners.

3)Would it have been controversial for a Brahmin priest or
traditional pandit to cooperate with a western indologist.

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