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... don't you feel it is high time to stop this "discussion"?
I am still in the illusion, that "Indology" is an academic forum....


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>From: Michael Witzel <witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU>
>Yes, I readily admit to:  misplacing a parenthesis by *one word*  in a
>translation of BSS 18.44. That's about the extent of it. Even Homer nods.
yeah ! And then you use it as an example of the AMT !.
A Piltdown textual evidence for the AMT.

>But: Europeanist? Dogma?  Come on,  Su??Brahmanya, in which world are you
>living? -- Get real!
The nonsense of supposed IE superiority in horse handling,
chariot tanks and going around reigning over all the lesser peoples
is europeanist dogma.

>..... and at the same time conveniently forgetting that he had
>promised to find my  "Vedic panzer" ...

Your quotes about vedic "tanks"  have already been given
on the IndianCivilization list. No, you havent said
anything about panzers. A panzer is a very specific
kind of tank that only the germanic tribes would know.
I will repost your vedic tank gems on this list as well,later
when I have more time.

>He will have to change his prefix from Su- to Dur-.  Last chance!
sigh - immaturity !.

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