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Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Aug 14 15:38:06 UTC 2000

Su???Brahmanya writes:
>IMHO, it is you who definitely needs Sarasvati's help, since you
>have indulged in mistranslations to prop up your europeanist dogma.

I usually do not reply to innuendo (sadbhir vivAdaM maitrIM ca...), but
this is a direct as it gets:

Yes, I readily admit to:  misplacing a parenthesis by *one word*  in a
translation of BSS 18.44. That's about the extent of it. Even Homer nods.

But: Europeanist? Dogma?  Come on,  Su??Brahmanya, in which world are you
living? -- Get real!

Anyhow, many thanks for so indulgently pointing this out.

Su???brahmanya continues to invent quotes ("circle its wagons like the
mighty IE's of yore"??)
by re-asserting, and at the same time conveniently forgetting that he had
promised to find my  "Vedic panzer" ...

He will have to change his prefix from Su- to Dur-.  Last chance!

Come on, Su???brahmanya, after putting out LIBEL several times, it is your
duty now to go to the next library and check out things. Even a little
internet search will do.  Just to repeat the same accusation (also,
recently,  on other lists!)  does not make it true.
Politicians' talk.            Satyam vada!           And now, karma kuru!

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