Some nat./chauvinistic web sites

Rajarshi Banerjee rajarshi.banerjee at SMGINC.COM
Wed Aug 9 17:01:38 UTC 2000

M. Witzel writes:

>Ther has been much ado about the contents of the sword of truth website.
am> >/articles.html> >I would lke to remind members that I was the first
person to draw attantion >to this site...
RB> yes I did not know and did not care. I was using a search engine to find
articles by rajaram on the harappan script. I did not bother reading through
any of the other articles but did glance at the titles.
What is the significance though? Is it taboo to discuss indian politics if
you reside in texas?
MW> WELL, the "populace" here clearly is located in TEXAS (below!), so which
"uneducated politicians" are they complaining about?
RB> I remember an article on Sonia gandhi, did not read it.
She and others like lalu yadav, rabri devi are the normal  topics of
conversation in households in India the common theme being how unqualified
they are etc. You will find such discussions in the mainstream media also
They obviously have supporters too.
Likening the sword in the website to kalki's sword is laughable and  not an
association most people would make unless they seriously believe b-grade
hollywood flicks which deal with things like the spawn of satan and such
I am sorry to see indologists analyze india like this.
My impression is that the sword of... is a political and not a cult site. I
will read an articleor two if I get time.
regards RB

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