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> GT> So it appears that it is not impossible for the contemporary Indian to
>  become well-informed about recent scholarship in Vedic, if he or she is so
>  inclined. But the 'millions' who read Rajaram will perhaps take more
>  pleasure in Rajaram's horses than in genuine scholarship?

>  An understanding of the indian public would tell you that rajarams's books
>  is not being read by millions and is not a mainstream topic. Out of all the
>  educated indians I have met, I have only met one person who knew Rajaram's
>  name and about his decipherment attempts.
>  I also remember a list member who keeps track of indian news and finds it
>  "somewhat nuanced". This is a bit thick. The news is written with a certain
>  audience in mind. Dont see why the news of a whole nation has to be nuanced
>  in a way to satisfy the requirements of an individual.
>   I remember reading the indian coverage on the recent WTO conference in
>  seattle and also the US coverage. There is an obvious dfference and it
>  be surprising if there wasn't.
>  regards RB

This is good news.  Thanks.


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