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H.B.Dave hbd at DDIT.ERNET.IN
Tue Aug 8 08:27:49 UTC 2000

Harsha V. Dehejia wrote:

> I write in support of Rajesh Kochar's posting today that Indologists have
> created a certain kind and type of ancient India, an Asiatic Society type of
> ancient India.

I agree with you there.

> Those of us who read the agamas more than the nigamas, and
> study folk rather than classical art, do not seem to fall into that trap.

I think here you are making a mistake. Actually nigamas are misunderstood by
due to various reasons. For decades we in India have looked at Western study
approval for what is Indian. For example, how many Hindus would know even
nature of contents of the four Vedas? Or, the whole hierarchy of scriptures
The situation will remain so till our people take more interest in our
heritage, without
waiting for prompting and approval by others.

Why wait for applauses from others, like children performing in front of

-- Himanshu

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