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> Some of the earliest of Tamil literature mentions
> Brahmins and they're referred to only in their religious capacity. Plus
> also what kind of evidence is there in Tamil literature regarding any
> invasion? If an Aryan invasion did happen why did the Dravidians never
> write about it? And where's there any evidence in Tamil literature
> regarding a homeland for Tamils anywhere outside Tamil Nadu? Even today
> Tamils talk of "Tamilagam" - Tamil Nation and "Tamizh munn" - Tamil
> earth.
Dear the one and only aura holding enlighten one, it is not munn, but maN.

>So if they were originally from the north, why did they forget
> their original homeland?

> Again if the Aryans were warlike, how did they become docile as we see
> Brahmins of late? Take the current blatant discrimination against
> the Tamil Brahmins in Tamil Nadu, by the Dravidian movement which is a
> prime example of facism. Contrary to the popular belief that Brahmins are
> wealthy, many Brahmins were sunk in poverty and in the face of blatant
> discrimination had a very tough time even surviving. In such circumstances
> how many societies would keep quiet if they were deliberately deprived of
> education or job opportunities. Did the Tamils keep quiet in Sri Lanka?
> the other hand what was the reaction of Tamil Brahmins - was there even
> single incident where Brahmins have reacted violently against the
> discrimination against them? In contrast even a couple of weeks back a
> Brahmin gurukkal was assaulted by thugs of the Dravidar Kazhagam in
> in Chennai.

Being a non-TamilNadu Tamil, I can not speak for Tamilnadu. However, I will
be happy if you could respond.

While agreeing that DK is not a friend of Brahmins, I will be happy if you
could prove the above 'incident' you have stated.

Noone claims that Tamil Brahmins are rich, but the issue is how they
manipulate the state.

I do not complain about every brahmin in TamilNadu, but a powerful brahmin
elite (From media to mutt) controls, and still acts.

>Does this fit the picture of aggressive Aryans and docile,
> cultured Dravidians?

> From time to time, in this list, you have shown your ignorance and
unreasonable hatred against Tamils. However, when you ask, "Did the Tamils
keep quiet in Sri Lanka?," I can say only one thing; "It is wise NOT
commenting on something when one does not know anything."

Thus, a humble suggestion to your excellency.
Why don't you restrict yourself within the topic in hand,
rather than dragging innocent parties for your mudslinging parties?

Above everything, criticising Tamils will not make any sex change in Dr.
Rajaram's horse's genitals.

Thank you very much for understanding, if you have lent ears.
(I believe, I. Mahadevan is also a Tamil Brahmin;-))


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