Rajaram's PILTDOWN horse

Steve Farmer saf at SAFARMER.COM
Sun Aug 6 07:28:57 UTC 2000

Yaroslav Vassilkov quotes MSK Subrahmanya:

> I hope that Dr.Rajaram admits his mistake.
> Because it was a visual image and the claim was
> very big, the falsity was (comparatively) easy to expose.

Far from repudiating his "horse seal," Rajaram has just sent out
a letter to me, Witzel, Elst, Talageri, and a number of Rajaram's
fellow OITers in which he vehemently defends the seal -- claiming
that I've engaged in "bluff and deception" in attempting to
debunk it. There are lots of threats here about court action,
etc. According to Rajaram:

>  ...the whole thing is a desperate
> diversionary tactic on the part of Steve Farmer, meant to draw attention
> away from the seal with the real evidence by raising the bogey of data
> fabrication.

Rajaram goes on to claim that the reason I've taken him on is
probably tied to:

>  the realization that Steve Farmer's research program centered
>  on the horse and spoke-wheel has collapsed.

Can I point out that my research focuses on the links between
neurobiology and cultural evolution -- and that my "research
program centered on the horse and spoke-wheel" is as much a
figment of Rajaram's imagination as the "horse seal"?

I thought Rajaram would repudiate the seal and blame it all on
bad reproductions, as he was gently encouraged to do by K. Elst. Surprise!

Steve Farmer

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