Rajarshi Banerjee rajarshi.banerjee at SMGINC.COM
Sat Aug 5 01:44:59 UTC 2000

The "threat," as we see from Rajaram's articles, comes from
Christianity and the Pope, Pakistan, Marxists, Western
Indologists (of course), and "a barbarism called
Talibanism...[whose] goal is to establish a world empire ruled by Islam."

I may have missed an enemy or two.

You have missed a lot. There is a acute lack of awareness among idologists
about current events in India and without trying to be rude I have to say
many of you dont seem to have a clue about whats going on. PLease go and
read a newspaper or two.

As for islamic militants being an enemy of the state:
Did any of you hear about yesterdays massacre of 100 hindus in 24 hours in
kashmir mostly pilgrims to amarnath, remote villagers migrant labourers.
people who tend to be exposed. Last fortnights killing of ladakhi monks and
hindus. islamic bombings of churches in karnataka and andhra pradesh last
month. massacre of 50 sikhs in kashmir a few mpnths back. the plane
hijacking over new years. I guess only those terrosist attacks are deemed
legitimate and authentic where US nationals are targeted.

pakistan as a potential enemy is not fiction: An enemy is defined as someone
you are at war with. Perhaps you may have heard of the kargil war last

Marxists are alive and kicking in india only their motives/ideals are
challenged at an intellectual level. E.G. Rajaram has not asked that they be
lynched. In any case attacking political rhetoric is a foolish excercise.

As for christian missionaries yes they can be a subject of some distaste. I
know people who dont have religious affliations who undertake social work
amongst tribals and often work and coordinate with the church. I have heard
them complain that the church is commiting cultural lobotomy. Recall that
the pope visited and was welcomed by india last year after being refused by
china. Do you think the popes visit to even cristian majority USA would draw
just a neutral response ?

Let me see you show some love for the televangelist

regards RB

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