Krishna and Jesus, who came first?

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Fri Aug 4 15:29:26 UTC 2000

Dear wise ones,

If you who came first Krishna or Jesus, please participate in a buzzing
discussion on the topic at this address

Does anyone know when the first literature about Krishna was written, i.e.
was it before or after the birth of Jesus?

One participant replies: "Nirad Chaudhuri in his book on Hinduism points
out that 'the Gita is written in good classical Sanskrit, and epigraphic
evidence clearly shows that the Gita could not have been written before the
second century A.D.' 'The earliest epigraphic evidence on languages
employed in India comes from the inscriptions of Asoka inscribed in third
century B.C. Asoka took care that his messages were intelligible to all and
he used a particular kind of Prakrit. He even translated his messages to
Greek and Aramaic. But, there are no inscriptions in Sanskrit. The first
evidence of Sanskrit is seen around A.D.150 and from the fifth century A.D.
classical Sanskrit is seen to be the dominant language in the
inscriptions.' The doctrines of God coming into the world in the form of a
man is the doctrines of Christ and these have influenced the writer of the
Bhagavad Gita. Nirad Chaudhuri points out that 'the Hindu religious texts
with the exception of the Vedas and their ancillary treatises, are all in
classical Sanskrit. He says that in their present form none would be
earlier than the fourth century A.D'. The Vedas seem to be written in what
he calls archaic Sanskrit."


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