Rajaram's PILTDOWN horse

Steve Farmer saf at SAFARMER.COM
Fri Aug 4 20:06:18 UTC 2000

Claude Seltzer writes:

>  After all, what difference does
> it make whether the seal is a horse or a bull???

Enormous difference, if you are using your doctored evidence to
try to link Harappan and Vedic cultures. Rajaram/Jha, you should
recall, have claimed that they have made one of the biggest
historical discoveries of the past hundred years. The fraudulent
'horse seal' is just one piece of their 'evidence.' The
'avaricious horse thieves' decipherment of the giant Dholavir
signboard is another. And behind their claims, of course, is a
deep nationalist political agenda. I strongly advise you to read
Rajaram's articles at:


Those articles (like his article on the history of Christianity!)
might seem amusing to professional historian. But his ideas are
taken seriously by people both in the US and India.

This isn't innocent stuff.


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