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Selva Selvakumar selva_selvakumar at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Oct 29 19:50:23 UTC 1999

Nanda Chandran wrote:

>Orthodox brahmins still exist in villages in India and live strictly by the
>dharma. These are the brahmins who truly represent the brahmanic ideal set
>forth in the scriptures. They are often dirt poor, but in the true
>way go all the way to live their dharma.
>Let alone interacting with non-brahmins, foreigners etc these brahmins
>are not too keen to interact with their city bred relatives even.

  The refrain in Nanda Chandran's postings about brahmins and
  and brahminism is so rabidly racisitic, nothing said would
  probably change his perception. It is a standard line of
  thinking in some sections. However, there might be much
  truth in what he says if one were to rely on selected sections
  of several sanskrit works variously claimed to be 'revealed',
  not unlike Klu Klan Klux or Nazi 'philosophy' or other
  patently racisitic schools of 'thought'.

  I believe, however, not unlike other cultures, Brahminism has
  great wisdom, compassion, and catholicism. But it is a sad
  fact   that throughout the ages, such views as held by Nanda     Chandran
did have a following - like for a long time there
  will be neo Nazis and neo KKKs of one form or other propagating
  their 'philosophies' and having a following.

  Selva Selvakumar

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