Fw: Re: Re: Q: intervocalic -k- preserved as intervocalic -g-

Srini Pichumani srini_pichumani at MENTORG.COM
Fri Oct 29 18:35:49 UTC 1999

nanda chandran wrote:

> Let alone interacting with non-brahmins, foreigners etc these brahmins
> are not too keen to interact with their city bred relatives even.

You indeed seem to be cocksure about what orthodox brahmins will or will not
do... of course you can wallow in your opinions,  but if you don't want to
drown,  I suggest that you read a little bit of Frits Staal,  Agehananda
Bharati,  Wayne Howard,  and various others to see the type of interactions they
have had with all sorts of gloriously exclusive and orthodox brahmins,
including the Namboodiris of Kerala,  vaDamaa/dOsamaa etc etc of TN,  vaiDikis
of Andhra, etc and the S'ankaraacaaryas of the various directions.  It seems
like a good number of these orthodox brahmins aren't as hidebound as you would
have them,  particularly in their interaction with people who have a genuine
scholarly interest.


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