Q: intervocalic -k- preserved as intervocalic -g-

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The 'Vali' of the name of the famous poet  Vali Dakani means 'the select,
or favourite, or the choice; syn. of 'war(a) of Sanskrit.

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999, N. Ganesan wrote:

> >Even if they did spend some time in India, there's little
> >chance that they got to interact extensively with orthodox brahmins
> >(who for most part would've avoided them. Probably that's the reason
> >Gough shows so much bias against brahmins).
> There are several Brahmins who interacted extensively with Europeans.
> The brahmin assistants of Colin Mackenzie around 1800 AD come to mind.
> Both brahmin male/female brahmins with good Sanskrit heritage
> have married Europeans. Eg., Rukmini Devi Arundale and in Asian studies
> depts.
> [...]
> >Infact since coming over to the US, I've seen a lot of non-brahmin
> >Tamils  who have started becoming fairer due to the colder climate.
> >It's my firm  opinion that physical attributes are intimately linked
> >with climatic  conditions, occupation, diet and other factors
> >related to the environs.
> Skin pigmentation of Indians does not change with such a rapidity.
> Many African Americans, even though they have lived for centuries
> in Canada and USA, remain black in color.
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