Sanskrit-Tibetan Textual Work

Dan Lusthaus dlusthau at MAILER.FSU.EDU
Wed Oct 27 07:59:00 UTC 1999

>Also, you might like to bear in mind that there IS an extant Sanskrit
>copy of the Madhyamakaavataara held by the Chinese

What is your source for this? There have been a number of claims (some by
the Chinese, some by others) that the Chinese have - but are not making
available to Western scholars - numerous Sanskrit manuscripts of texts
otherwise no longer extant in Sanskrit (e.g., I have heard reports that
they have a complete Sanskrit edition of the Yogacarabhumi sastra). The
Chinese claim some of these are the originals brought to China by Xuanzang
during the early Tang dynasty. That seems unlikely, however.

Is there any reliable inventory of such Sanskrit texts currently held by
the Chinese?

Dan Lusthaus

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