Sanskrit-Tibetan Textual Work

Tue Oct 26 22:11:48 UTC 1999

Ulrich Kragh wrote:

> Would anyone dare to suggest any guiding principles that I may use
> comparing the two texts?
> Can anyone suggest literature dealing with such problems?
> Can anyone suggest successful attempts of comparing Sanskrit-Tibetan
> material, which may serve as a model for my research?

Gajin Nagao's reconstruction of the Mahayana Samgraha uses this
approach.  He had gathered together all the parallel passages from
works surviving in Sanskrit and then using his Sanskrit expertise
created his reconstruction.  One may wonder, of course, why bother --
what can be gained from this apart from possible lexicographical
benefits ?

Have you also collated all five existing Tibetan editions -- a sine
non qua for any serious textual work.  Citations in early translations
or mss will also be useful -- especially if they have not be "revised"
too efficiently.

Also, you might like to bear in mind that there IS an extant Sanskrit
copy of the Madhyamakaavataara held by the Chinese (stolen from
Tibet) -- but you have a cat's chance in hell of ever getting access
to it at present -- but perhaps if you are still young ....

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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