Q: intervocalic -k- preserved as intervocalic -g-

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 26 19:50:06 UTC 1999

>Basically I resist from having a personal opinion. My theories are
>based on the literature that I've read, existing social
>conditions in India and my perceptions of the psychology and world
>view of brahmins and non-brahmins. If somebody can prove me wrong,
>I'm more than willing to accept it.

>From the time of the Upanishads, it's very difficult to support
>the theory that brahmins were egalitarian (in the conventional
>sense), that they permitted inter marraige or induction of
>non-brahmins into the brahmanic fold. For in the Upanishadic period
>even kshtriyas are mocked at, for being of lower birth.

  200 years of philological work and the summaries by current
Indologists tell a lot on the date of the Rig Veda,
Aryan intrusion, real purport/meaning of varnashrama system, ...

An example: For the intermingling of different peoples in ancient
India, pl. read:
Madhav M. Deshpande, Aryans, Non-Aryans and Brahmanas: Processes of
Indigenization, J. of IE studies, 1993, v. 21.

  N. Ganesan

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