When was "the Agastya Samhita" written?

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Thanx for your reply. I have posted this message to another list also and
have got the following response that I would like to share on this list:

"Yes the Agatsya samhita, is a book of the pancharatra vaisnava school that
date before of puranic compilation. But by the dostortion of British
the modern wensters Indologist believe very recent dates.,around 8 century D
A, but the Mahabharata and the Vedanta-sutra make references about them.

The Agatsyas were a dynasty of brahmans, and probably the author of this
samhita was the same Agatsya sage that appear in the Bhagavatam, one
comtemporany of  Lord Krishna, because in this book makes reference to the
Krsna worship in the Temple.  Probably, was compiler after of Mausala lila
of Krishna, due that the Krishna worship was stated by Vajranabha yadava
king, the son of Anirudha the great son of Lord Krishna, in all India."

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> Hans Bakker in his AyodhyA (Egbert Forsten, Groningen, 1986, pp. 68-70)
> reckons it to have been composed in 12th century (CE) Benares.
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> >Could anyone please enlighten me? Any educated guess!!!!
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