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Dear colleagues,

There follows an announcement of the 6th Himalayan Languages Symposium,
originally sent by Michael Noonan at the University of

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
June 15-17, 2000

Papers at the 6th Himalayan Languages Symposium may report
the results of scholarly research on any subject pertaining
to the Himalayan languages and Himalayan language communities.
Possible topics include:

+  descriptions of previously undescribed languages
+  linguistic analyses of phonetic, phono-logical and
        grammatical phenomena
+  comparative studies & historical reconstruction
+  Himalayan languages in typological perspective
+  language planning
+  the economic and cultural aspects of language preservation
        and language death
+  sociocultural aspect of borrowing
+  'secret' languages
+  grammar & pragmatics of honorific speech
+  sociolinguistic & ethnolinguistic analyses
+  historical and archaeological findings relating to the
        prehistory of Himalayan language communities

Workshops to promote dialog between Himalayanists and
typologists will be organized by:
        Matthew Dryer, SUNY-Buffalo
        David Gil, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary
        Ian Maddieson, UCLA

The deadline for submission of abstracts is Feb. 1, 2000.
Notifications of acceptance will sent out by March 1, 2000.
Abstracts should be no longer than one page and should be of
camera-ready quality.  The author's name and affiliation
should appear below the title of the paper.  On a separate
piece of paper, include mailing and email addresses.

Preregistration: $40 for faculty, $20 for students and
non-academics; registration at the conference:
$45 for faculty, $25 for students and non-academics.

Address abstracts, registration fees, and inquiries to:

Michael Noonan
Himalayan Languages Symposium
Dept. of English
University of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI  53201

noonan at uwm.edu
fax:  414-229-2643
phone:  414-229-4511


The Himalayan Languages Symposium is an open international
forum where scholars can exchange the results of their
research with others working on related issues in the
same geographical area.  The term 'Himalayan' is used
in its broad sense to include north-western and
north-eastern India, where languages of Indo-Aryan,
Dravidian, Tibeto-Burman, and Austro-Asiatic linguistic
stocks are spoken; the languages of Nepal, Bhutan and
the Tibetan Plateau; the languages of northern Burma
and Sichuan; and the languages of Nuristan, Baltistan
and the Burushaski speaking area in the west.  The
term 'Languages' is used instead of 'Linguistics'
to broaden the scope of the Symposium beyond linguistics
proper so as to allow scholars working on language issues
in the related disciplines of anthropology, philology,
and archaeology to present their research wherever this
is directly relevant to our understanding of Himalayan
languages and language communities.

The Permanent Secretariat for this annual Symposium is
maintained at Leiden University in the Netherlands.
Previously, the Himalayan Languages Symposium has
been convened in Leiden, Noordwijkerhout [the
Netherlands], Santa Barbara [California], Pune [India],
and Kathmandu.


The 6th Himalayan Languages Symposium will be held on
the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
situated near Lake Michigan in Milwaukee's Upper
East Side.  Milwaukee is pleasantly warm in June.

More details regarding the venue, accommodations,
and travel will be sent out to those who respond to
this circular.

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