Sindu river name

Ruth Laila Schmidt at EAST.UIO.NO
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Turner, CDIAL # 13415 mentions the Burushaski word but regards it as a loan
into Burushaski. The Dardic languages generally have sin, si-n, si-nd, send
for 'river'. Prof. Witzel, have you any comment?

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Ruth Schmidt
>>   I have suggested elsewhere that the very name for
>> the region of Sindh, and
>> the original name of the Indus river (OIA sindhu-,
>> which lacks any other
>> plausible etymology), may be connected with this
>> Dravidian word for "date"
>> (Southworth forthcoming[b]."
>Another etymology of interest for sindhu is Burushaski
>Sinda "water". cf J. Harmatta in "Archaeology of South
>Asia", 1989. Also, M Witzel in Indology archives.

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