Sindu river name

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G. Erdosy's edited volume, The Indo-Aryans of Ancient South Asia, p. 270,
Prof. F. C. Southworth writes:
"the PDr-1 word for "date", *kIntu/cIntu, which shows a close simililarity
to the proto-Bantu *mukindu "wild date palm" (Nurse 1983:142) [17]"
"[17] Dates were known in the Indus valley (Vats 1940: 467; Marshall 1931:
27,587), and the region of Sindh is well-known for this fruit. Once again,
this evidence suggests a link between early Dravidians and the Indus valley.
(See further discussion in Ratnagar 1980:80.)
  I have suggested elsewhere that the very name for the region of Sindh, and
the original name of the Indus river (OIA sindhu-, which lacks any other
plausible etymology), may be connected with this Dravidian word for "date"
(Southworth forthcoming[b]."

Franklin Southworth,  Linguistic Archaeology of the South Asian subcontinent,

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