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> I verified and found 38 village names in Punjab with ends with the 'string'
>  UR. When we exclude PUR ending names (for obvious Indo-Aryan etymology) we
>  come across 15 names like Kalanaur(twice in Gurdaspur district)
>  Phillaur(twice in Jalandhar) Balachaur(twice in Hosiarpur) Ghanaur
>  (twice,Patiala)and Sangrur(4,Sangrurdistrict).AUR as dysyllabic placename
>  occurs twice in Jalandhar. Whether Kalanaur, Phillaur etc are the
>  combination of prefix+Aur as suffix has to be verified. Then Sangrur
>  unexplained. Besides in Punjab there are 8 placenames with UR as
>  In Haryana similarly Radaur(2) Ganaur(4),Kalanaur(4) Phillaur(3),
>  Balachaur(3),Ghanaur(2)Sangrur(2) occur. AUR alone as a placename occurs
>  twice. There are 14 instances of UR as prefix.e.g: Urnai, Urjani, Urdan

Are any of these names ending in -Ur (with long U)?

>  As regard with Dravidian UR occuring in Pakistan and Indian context- there
>  are many seemingly Dravidian placenames in currency in these areas. If
>  interested I can post to indology.

Please post such names particularly with respect to the Punjab region. Thanks.

S. Palaniappan

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