Need for S. Asia book search service (Was: Looking for a book)

Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Wed Oct 13 14:55:24 UTC 1999

Aditya Mishra's request for help finding a copy of S. K. Mishra's
"Gandhi and Jinnah" demonstrates that there is a need for a book
search service for South Asian countries, one that would not only have
its own stock of out of print and rare books but would receive and
check the catalogs of others and send out its own want lists to
antiquarian booksellers.  In the end of course it ought to be online
on the model of Bibliofind and the like.  But since only a small
minority of South Asian booksellers have their inventory lists online,
that must wait.  It seems to me this is a major commercial opportunity
either for a beginning entrepreneur or for an established bookseller
to expand its business.  Since it would assist the local and world
scholarly community and the literate public I venture to suggest this
here hoping it is not a violation of the non-commerical nature of the

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