curses, enchantments and miracles

Rasik Vihari Joshi jrasik at COLMEX.MX
Wed Oct 6 19:37:34 UTC 1999


In the tradition of Nimbaarka sampradaaya several miracles are recorded.A
sanskrit work entitled " Nimbaarka-vikraanti" published fromVrindavan with
Hindi translation gives such miracles.Strotra-ratnakara of the same
tradition speaks of the miracles peformed by KeSava KaaSmiirii
Bhatta.Miracles of ParaSuraama Deva are in the ParaSuraama VaaNi (in four
volumes in VrajabhaaZa).You may also throw a glance on my Sanskrit
Mahaakaavya "Raamaprataaapa-caritam" in two volumes with Hindi and English
translation (l998),Chaukhambha Sanskrit Pratisthan,38,U:A:Bunglao
Road,Jawaharnagar Delhi-110007.Rampratap was a great Pandit of the
thentwieth century and was a saint.His miracles are given in this Mahakavya.
Rasik Vihari Joshi

At 07:42 PM 5/10/99 +0100, you wrote:
>I intend to work about curses, enchantments and miracles in the Hindu and
>Muslim context in ancient India, particularly in the medieval times. In
>consideration of the extent of the literary sources, which can hardly be
>sifted through by myself I'd be grateful for any hint to texts, passages
>etc. dealing with the above mentioned subjects, no matter published in
>Sanskrit only. Thank you for any efforts.

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