curses, enchantments and miracles

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> I intend to work about curses, enchantments and miracles in the Hindu and
> Muslim context in ancient India, particularly in the medieval times. In
> consideration of the extent of the literary sources, which can hardly be
> sifted through by myself I'd be grateful for any hint to texts, passages
> etc. dealing with the above mentioned subjects, no matter published in
> Sanskrit only. Thank you for any efforts.

The history of your subject goes as far back as the Atharva-veda,
for which you may consult works on the history of Sanskrit/Vedic
literature by Winternitz and others.
I know a collative work on the subject (curses and boons in the
Raamaayana) in Marathi by Prof. Bhiday, also translated into
Kannada. For copies of such books you may contact a bookseller
in Pune. (For example, International Book Service, Pune 411 004,
India.) There is no possibility of the existence of a work in Sanskrit
focussed on the academic aspect of the subject.

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