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Dear Dr. Niklas,

> From Prof. Witzel, Substrates in the OIA, in the recent EJVS,
I understand that the RV's time range is between 1700 BCE to 1200 BCE.
This is because no horse remains in S. Asia before 1700 BCE and
the importance of horse in the RV religion. The lower date of 1200 BCE
is indicated by the ushering in of the iron age in India.
The vedicist, Prof. Thompson has suggested a date of 1000 BCE.

Perhaps many Sanskrit texts are liberally assigned older dates.
With Buddha's date being brought forward by 100 years or so,
I read from experts that possiblity of interaction between
Upanishads and Greeks is enhanced. Also, Haksar's
translation of Bhasa's plays (Penguin) tells in the front page
that Bhasa lived like 2-1 cent. BC to 1 cent. AD. I recall
Prof. Steiner writing that Bhasa is no older than 6-7 centuries.

In India, indigenous Aryan home advocates date Kalidasa to early
centuries BCE, and they cite new Sanskrit inscriptions in 1st
cenury BCE. I would like to know whether important inscriptions
in Sanskrit exist prior to Rudradaman in 2nd cent. AD? (Iravatham
Mahadevan said, "No").

N. Ganesan

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