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At 14:10 26.11.99 -0800, N. Ganesan wrote:

>2) Does the MBh. or some other text tell about karkoTaka
and gemstones?>

According to my favourite search program (Examine 32), MBh mentions
KarkoTaka ten times. No gemstones (maNi) in vicinity (up to twenty lines,
1600 characters).

Six times KarkoTaka appears in lists enumerating the names of great serpents
(I,31.5;  I,114.60; II,9.9; V,101.9; VIII,30.45; XVI,5.14).

Four times in a narrative context (Story of Nala - III, 63.4,9,13; III,
70,27). Interestingly - in connection with Kali. Conscious word-play -

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