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> Dear friends,
> Since no one seems to have recognized my verse, would
> one of you who has access to the
> _SubhASita-ratna-bhANDAgAara_ kindly confirm for me
> that it is NOT to be found there? This book is
> unfortunately not available in any library within 500
> km of my home.
> dehendriyamanobuddhi-
> prANAdInAM priyaM priye
> tvadanAdarabhAjo me
> jAtaM sarvam anAdRtam
> I very much appreciate the trouble, dear
> anyahitamAtrAkAGkSiNaH.

Judging from its contents (briefly, 'I have lost interest in everything
since you ignored me, my beloved!'), this verse appears to have
been picked up from some poetic work, and mere this clue is not
enough to trace a verse to its source. Anthologies of subhASitas
do not necessarily note the sources, if any, of the selected verses.
Some old anthologies mention the names of the poets/writers if
> Yours,
> Jan
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