Another (!) Subhashita search

Jan Brzezinski jankbrz at YAHOO.COM
Mon Nov 22 19:55:30 UTC 1999

Hello again!

I just came across this formulaic verse, which
nevertheless seems to have a number of unusual words
that don't translate literally. Would anyone like to
suggest translations (and/or interpretations) of the
following verse:

alir bANo jyotiSakaH
stabdhIbhUtaH kimekAkI
preSita-preSakaz caiva
SaD ete sevakAdhamAH

I am guessing as follows:

(1) ali (bee, because he buzzes around just trying to
extract honey for his own advantage; or scorpion,
because he simply stings or brings suffering to his

(2) bANa (arrow ?)

(3) jyotiSaka (a procrastinator -- always waiting for
the right alignment of planets before he acts)

(4) stabdhIbhUta (bewildered, dull and inactive)

(5) kimekAkI (someone who says, "I can't do this by

(6) preSitapreSaka (a buck-passer).

Couldn't find a source, neither... My Pancatantra
doesn't have an index... When is the Subhasita CD
coming out?


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