"Top Five" Philosophy Works

J.S.Pitanga jspitanga at OPENLINK.COM.BR
Sat Nov 20 14:54:07 UTC 1999

>>>>>[George Cronk:]
>>>>>top five books and the top five articles in philosophy in the 20th

>>>>[Burt Thorp:]
>>>>Panini's Grammar.

>>>[Stephen Hodge:]
>>>You mean the twentieth century reincarnation ?

>>[Burt Thorp:]
>>Implicit in Panini (and sometimes explicit in his school) is a
>>philosophy and a logic that predates Wittgenstein and modern
>>linguistic philosophy, or so one could argue.

>[Birgit Kellner:]
>I believe Stephen Hodge's question targeted Panini's date, and not
>the value of his contribution to philosophy - Panini is not a 20th
>century philosopher, and the list that prompted this exchange
>referred specifically to philosophical works of the 20th century.

Perhaps Burt Thorp's irony is just top work of the 20th century's
Western dominated philosophy having being composed many
centuries ago, and in the East.

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