Avalokita's vase

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Nov 20 16:14:23 UTC 1999

Avalokiteshvara is often portrayed with a small vase in his hand.
Look at Guanyin, the Goddess of mercy, sculptures/pgs.
Earlier 7-8th century bronzes in Lanka, Thailand also hold
a vase. Nagapattinam bronzes too.

The Gandavyuha panel in Borobudur has a different style
where avalokita is seated cross-legged holding a kamaNDala.
Dakshinamurti panels in Tamilakam have small kamaNDalams
hanging from the banyan tree. I think P. L. Samy has an
article on Dakshinamurti and the karakam from CT texts.

Have an art history question:
What is the explanation from texts like sAdhanamAlA
on the vase held in Avalokita's hand?

Thanks for your guidance,
N. Ganesan

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