Sanskrit text books info needed

Sat Nov 20 02:28:42 UTC 1999

Ulrike Nilklas wrote:

> There is a very good German textbook which is now also available in
> A. F. Stenzler "Primer of the Sanskrit language" translated into
English ...
> by Renate Soehnen-Thieme. University of London, School of Oriental
> African Studies, 1997.
> You can get it directly from SOAS.

I cannot agree.  This is an extremely outdated and pedagogically
backward book that all the Sanskrit students at SOAS hate using. I am
told that they all privately use other textbooks.  In my view it would
be quite unsuitable for the purpose in hand.  Michael Coulson's
introduction to Sanskrit in the Teach Yourself Books series is useful
and I have recently seen an interesting primer designed for children
of high school age and above -- J.S.Sheldon, Reading Sanskrit: A
Course for Beginners (1998), Sydney Grammar School ISBN 0 646 34837 X.
WalterMaurer's two volume book (Curzon Press) is also good but
extremely expensive.

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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