"Top Five" Philosophy Works

Burt Thorp bthorp at PLAINS.NODAK.EDU
Sat Nov 20 07:24:23 UTC 1999

Panini's Grammar.

At 12:32 PM 11/18/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>    In a recent Baruch College poll of philosophers (I don't know  who was
>included), the following were named as the top five books and the top  five
>articles in philosophy in the 20th century:   The Top Five Books:   1.
>Wittgenstein, Philosophical  Investigations 2. Heidegger, Being and Time 3.
>Rawls, A Theory of Justice 4. Wittgenstein, Tractatus  Logico-Philosophicus
>& Whitehead, Principia  Mathematica   The Top Five Articles:   1. Quine,
>"Two Dogmas of Empiricism" 2. Russell, "On Denoting" 3. Godel, "On Formally
>Undecidable Propositions of  Principia Mathematica& Related Systems" &
>Formalized  Languages" & the Philosophy of  Mind"   As you can see, the
>lists contain nothing at all from Eastern  Philosophy.      implied that
>the answer is "none."
>  Does anyone on the Indology list have a suggestion and/or an  opinion?
> Dr. George Cronk & Religion Bergen Community College (NJ)

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