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> kUlavatii river is given in Monier-Williams. Which purana
> mentions this river? Is it a legendary or real one?
> What is the traditional explanation of the name, godAvari?
> Consider kUlam 'grains' and  *kOLam > ta. cOLam and brahui xolam.
> Is *kOLaviri > *gODaavari > godAvari admissible?? (cf. kAvEri and
> ta. kAviri).
It should be noted that in Tamil the concepts of water and water bodies
are frequently associated with roots meaning "to spread".

Cf. Ta. viri = to spread.

Also consider Ta.pAyam for "water" where Ta. pAy = to spread or flow.
EVen the ocean is called Ta. "paravai"  < Ta. para = to spread, to

otl paravai paravai 1. expanse, extent, extension, plane surface,
breadth; 2. sea, ocean; 3. dance; 4. that which is spread, as grain on
floor; 5. wall; 6. shoal; 7. stagnant water, as in pools

otl paravu-tal paravu-tal 01 to spread; 1. to lay open to view, as
goods in a bazaar; 2. to say, declare; 3. to praise, extol; 4. to
worship, reverence, adore; 5. to sing

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