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Thu Nov 18 16:42:24 UTC 1999

The latest issue of Asiatische Studien / Etudes Asiatiques (53(3), 1999)
has recently come out. It contains the papers read during a conference on
Saamkhya (and Yoga) held in Lausanne in November 1998. They are:

Peter  Bisschop / Hans  Bakker: "Mok.sadharma  187  and  239-241
 reconsidered"  pp. 459-472.
John Brockington: "Epic Saa.mkhya: texts, teachers, terminology" pp. 473-490.
Jan E. M. Houben: "Why did rationality thrive, but hardly survive in
Kapila's 'system'? On the pramaa.nas, rationality and irrationality in
Saa.mkhya (part I)" pp. 491-512.
Shujun Motegi: "The teaching of Pañca'sikha in the Mok.sadharma"  pp.
Albrecht  Wezler:  "On  the  origin(s)  of  the  gu.na-theory.  Struggling
 for  a  new approach (I):  Wrestling  with Frauwallner" pp. 537-551.
Raffaele  Torella:  "Saa.mkhya  as  saamaanya'saastra" pp. 553-562.
Eli Franco: "Aiita and aaviita" pp. 563-577.
Phyllis Granoff: "Refutation as commentary: Medieval Jain arguments against
Saa.mkhya" pp. 579-591.
Minoru Hara: "Paa'supata and Yoga. Paa'supata-suutra 2.12 and Yoga-suutra
3.37" pp. 593-608.
Masaaki Hattori: "On Se'svara-saa.mkhya" pp. 609-618.
Angelika Malinar: "Prak.rti as saamaanya" pp. 619-643.
Shinkan  Murakami: "What  is  caitanya - eternal  or  non-eternal?" pp.
Ernst  Steinkellner: "The .Sa.s.titantra  on  perception,  a  collection
 of  fragments" pp. 667-677.
Johannes Bronkhorst: "The contradiction of Saa.mkhya: on the number and the
size of the different tattvas" pp. 679-691.
Luis O. Gomez: "Seeing, touching. Counting, accounting. Saa.mkhya as formal
thought and intuition" pp. 693-711.
Michel Hulin: "Reinterpreting aha.mkaara as a possible way of solving the
riddle of Saa.mkhya metaphysics" pp. 713-722.
Gerald J. Larson: "Classical Yoga as Neo-Saa.mkhya: a chapter in the
history of Indian  philosophy" pp. 723-732.
T.  S.  Rukmani:  "Saa.mkhya  and  Yoga:  where  they  do  not  speak  in
 one  voice" pp. 733-753.
Peter  Schreiner: "What  comes  first  (in the Mahaabhaarata): Saa.mkhya
 or Yoga?" pp. 755-777.
Ian Whicher: "Classical Saa.mkhya, Yoga, and the issue of final
purification" pp. 779-798.

Johannes Bronkhorst

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