bones and flesh

Thu Nov 18 02:27:55 UTC 1999

Shri V Iyer wrote:
> >I am interested in the Santals and their neighbouring Munda people
> >though the information I need seems sparse.  I suspect that these
> >people directly or indirectly had a strong influence on certain
> >forms of tantric Buddhism.  The influence, if any,  upon the
> >would via this route.
> Dear Shri. Hodge,
> Tamil siddha vaidhya works and siddha poetry also talk of bones
> and flesh in the same way. We don't have to invoke Munda influence
> alone since the concepts appear to be pan Indian.

I agree that the bones/flesh division is pan-Indian.  I was actually
commenting on the formative input by the Mundas on Buddhist tantras,
quite apart from this question.   In passing, I also agree with Paul
Manansala's comments -- it's a pity the the Munda contribution to
various aspects of Indian culture is played down -- after all, they
seem to have been in India longer than "newcomers" like the
Indo-Eurpeans and the Dravidians.  Perhaps when a proper Munda
etymological dictionary becomes available we can re-evaluate matters.

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

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