bones and flesh

Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 17 23:56:41 UTC 1999

>>For instance, the fact that it is a view held by Santal groups in
>>Orissa is difficult to relate to a direct tibetan influence.  It could,
>>however, imply a old (2000 yrs ago?) buddhist influence on Santal

>I am interested in the Santals and their neighbouring Munda people
>though the information I need seems sparse.  I suspect that these
>people directly or indirectly had a strong influence on certain later
>forms of tantric Buddhism.  The influence, if any,  upon the Tibetans
>would via this route.

Dear Shri. Hodge,

Tamil siddha vaidhya works and siddha poetry also talk of bones
and flesh in the same way. We don't have to invoke Munda influence
alone since the concepts appear to be pan Indian.

Best wishes,
V. Iyer

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