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A few quick answers:

At 2:41 -0800 11/16/99, Vishal Agarwal wrote:
>"other texts of the Paipp. tradition (Paddhatis of the
>Paithinasi GS and the Angirasakalpa also have been filmed for editorial

>VA: Paithinasi GS or Dharmasutra?

The GS (I also took some already in 1983 but did not work on them):
marriage, upanayana etc.

>Are these the same Paddhatis which
>Durgamohan Bhattacharya mentioned ("Fundamental themes of the Atharvaveda")?

Some should overlap with D.M's. No one has seen them (see below) .

>Will the complete oral recordings of Paippalada Samhita be used for
>preparing the critical edition?

Interesting, but pretty useless as they all go back to a WRITTEN Tradition
(archetype of c. 800-1000 AD); that means, *also* the text of the Kashmir
See my papers (in German) of 1985 on PS (via my website), on AV + PS, and
on oral transmission in Orissa (Muendliche Ueberlieferung)

>Any manuscipts of the Agastya Kalpa
>(mentioned as the Kalpa of Paippaladins in 'Prapancahridaya')? Paippalada
>Brahamana? Any new manuscripts of the Parisishatas?

The Kalpa (Srautasutra) has never been found anywhere. Nor the Paipp. Br.
of 100 chapters.
It may be in some village: I do not have much hope. But, you never know...

Yet, no one is looking. Arlo is the first after my short trip of 3 weeks
in1983.... What are Indologists doing??? It is a short trip by plane, train
or bus from the next (Skt.) University....
On the other hand, Dipak Bh. keeps things to himself, does not share them
with anybody (though the MSS were taken away from the villagers by his
father with some police 'help' ...)

What shall I say? It is a scandal that no one cares about the 2nd oldest
Indian text....
>MW: " Paipp. Samh. 20 and Taittiriya Upanisad"/KU

>VA: Any new light on the supposedly Atharvanic origins of the TU and KU?
Certainly, not AV-origin... Both are typical for YV texts... Only, that a
part of TU I.11 = Katha Siksa Up. = PS 20 (see my 1989 & now Mieko's paper).
 This part of PS 20 may be late, no good indicators for date of
interpolation (?)

>(Eg. "Sumantu and Kashyapa are the seers of the Brahmana and the Aranyaka":
>Carayaniya Mantrashadhyaya)

We cannot rely too much on this text. Late and incomplete though useful for
the trad. of KS.
--- Renou even called it a "juvenile effort" (*effort pue'ril*)

Best wishes, Yrs MW

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