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S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Nov 15 23:16:01 UTC 1999

My dear Sergei,

I don't think you've been around very long on this net As a veteran here,
please allow me to give you some advise about do's and don'ts....there are
some people here who know nothing and personify the old adage about empty
vessels making the most noise...The point is if you respond to any of their
posts, they will take it upon themselves to write and fight and bite you  in
just about each and every way.

As Kabir the fanous poet put it very succintly "When the elephant passes,
the dogs bark"..So, when you see these creatures bark, please don't throw
them a bone by replying to their stuff..there is a good chance they will
force you to throw them more bones leading to 200K

  I think you are a professional Indologist who must be taking his
stuff very seriously..alas not everybody here is the same way. One of the
geniuses who writes looong meaningless posts is the guy who's said:

>You've missed the point. The main point is that you're not able to
>identify what the thing in itself is, but that you're only able to
>identify it with its attributes or something in relation to it - like
>linking it to its application - saying that a ring is something one wears
>on one's finger. Anyway if you do not wear that ring on your
>finger and lay it on the desk, does it cease to be a ring?>>

My only answer to this is: don't know about rings on fingers but a leash
would do fine for a certain kind of an animal..or rather a leash is useful
when around the neck of certain creatures...

Sergei et al,
  Please remember the old subhAzitam:

  anAhuta: pravizati apr*STho bahubhAzate
  avizvAse vizvasiti mUDhacetA narAdhama:||

since you know Samskr*t and the said narAdhama: also claims to be knowing
samskr*t( which he calls samskr*tam)there is no need to translate the

    alam ati vistAreNa...

Wishing you the best with your research...


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