New Old Critical Approach of Rg Veda

Sergei schms060 at MAIL.UNI-MAINZ.DE
Tue Nov 16 10:43:40 UTC 1999

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        The following link will bring You to a text (someone's answer to someone's
question) with an attempt to date Vedas in an unusual for most of
indologists way: .
        As You have read it, You see now that the astronomical evidence is taken
for the basis. This is not something new, but I have not seen so far any
really deep going study of this issue.
        Herewith, I would like to ask those who are specialists in Vedic Studies
(unlike me so far) for their opinion in this regard. I have already heard
one opinion from one respectable person; he said it was rather a sign of one
aspect in Hindu fundamentalism, namely, of attempts to bring Vedas above all
other religious scriptures in order to belittle other traditions/cultures.
        But let us adhere to the critical textual approach alone, leaving aside the
fundamentalism for a while, and try to accept things as they are, after all
it is not that these astronomical facts MUST be of fundamentalistic nature.
Thus, I would like to honestly enquire from Vedic Studies specialists for
their new old critical approach of Rg Veda (and other Vedas), in terms of
its date as based on astronomical evidences found in it.
        These (and other) new viewpoints are simply necessary, in my humble
opinion, for further development of Indology and related fields of science,
because otherwise one may fall the victim of conservatism, which is a great
foe of any progress.

        Thanks everyone for any useful information in this regard.

Your ever well-wisher,
Sergei Schmalz.

PS  To "warm up" this discussion I quote from "Vishveshvaranand Indological
Paper Series, Reprinted from Vishveshvaranand Indological Journal, Vol.
XXIV, Pts.i-ii, June-Dec., 1986", from the article "Jain Art and
Architecture" (edited by R.C. Dwivedi, Director, Centre for Jain Studies,
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, 1980.):

        "Most of our scholars make inadequate or partial investigation in subjects
of their interest. They offer nothing new and significant as a result of
their studies and researchers. They lack devotion to studies and proper
orientation in methodology."

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